Some of my favorite quotes from "Wicked Truth!"

     The inspiration behind"Wicked Truth" was ignited by years of researching ancient legends in reference to Vampires while promoting my series "The Adrian Trilogy." Ok, I bet I know what you're thinking! "Oh, she's written another book about Vampires!" Though there may be more Vampire novels in my future, "Wicked Truth" isn't one of them! You see, while doing research, there were other "things" that I continued to run across. In ancient religious texts such at the Talmud, the book of Jubilees and the book of Enoch, there was recurring content which described creatures of those eras that much resembled the characteristics of Vampires.
     These texts do not condescend the script within the King James Bible, but they do give a vivid and terrifying backstory to what is going on behind the scenes, which is not referenced in traditional Bibles. Let me tell you, the truth, when brought to light, is far more horrifying than fiction.

     "Wicked Truth" is a fictional horror novel based on ancient hidden truths that was designed to open the eyes of the public. Traditional Bibles have been corrupted by man since the first scrolls were scribbled upon. With every translation and version written, the content has been altered, censored or removed. Things deemed too controversial for the general public, things that did not fit within religion or society of the times and things thought to have been too fantastic or blasphemous were hidden from mankind. We have based our own religions and societies upon half truths and misconceptions.

     "Wicked Truth" brings to light what could possibly be an accurate portrayal of both our ancient history and a terrifying future which is truly reminiscent of Biblical prophesies. Many of us have lost our faith, but I ask you; "Have we lost our faith in God, or religion?" I believe it is the latter of the two. I believe that most of us have attempted to read a traditional Bible only to become bored or disinterested. Could it be that deep within us, we have always known that the word was "lacking?" I assure you, God and Satan, Heaven and Hell, they're real.

     Have no fear readers, I have not abandoned "horror" as my genre of choice! "Wicked Truth" is a terrifying look into the horrors of stigmata, demonic possession and my own nightmarish depiction of Hell. Our final days are upon us. The Beast has awakened and is unleashing his demons in preparation of the apocalypse.