Andrews, Seeking Seven is living proof that Rock and Roll is still alive and thriving! 

     *Jerm Ferrar is also a professional cosplay personality who creates his own costumes.  He's spent many hours at hospitals and charity events bringing smiles to the faces of patients both young and old!

David Childers/ M.P.R.I.

     Kaylie Turner is an actress that is best known for her roles in "Goosebumps 2", "Stranger Things", "The Last Movie Star", "Term Life", "Cry for Blood", "The Indy Wrestler" and "The Walking Dead".

     Kaylie makes appearances at horror, sci-fi and comic cons, grand opeinings and charity events all across the United States.  She is actively involved in "POPS for Patients", "Waiting to Hear", "Fighting for Autism" and "Julia Barbara Foundation" as well as participating in other fundraisers for various charities to benefit others.

     Preston Asevedo is a self-taught artist that grew up in New Orleans.  Besides being a highly talented sci-fi/horror painter, He is the co-creator for the "Rockabilly Roadtrip" comic book series.  "Rockabilly" is rapidly growing a cult following across the United States!

     Preston's artwork has been featured in numerous horror magazines and indy comics; his artwork is sought after by serious collectors.  He is currently working on his creator owned project "The Rockabilly Roadtrip" as well as several other privately commissioned projects.

Preston Asevedo

author lyn gibson novels, haunted history, monsters
author lyn gibson horror, ghosts, demons, urban legend, lyn gibson, twisted southern horror queen, creepy chick, ggvampires

author lyn gibson horror, ghosts, demons, urban legend, vampires

     David Childers is the founder of the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute and is a respected authority within the paranormal community.  He's investigated alongside other well known ghost hunters such as Zak and Aaron of "Ghost Adventures", Patrick Burns of "Haunting Evidence", Kevin Betzer and Randy Hardy of "Deep South Paranormal" and has been featured on various episodes of "Paranormal Challenge", "Paranormal 9-1-1", "Most Terrifying Places in America" and "Ghost Asylum" just to name a few!

     David has also had roles alongside Jeremiah Riggs of WWE's "Tough Enough" and is the lead in the "Mississippi Para-Chasers" Series.

Mitch Hyman


     At the age of 13, Chalet has won over a dozen awards for her astounding acting abilities and was recently nominated for an Oscar for her role in the award winning film, "Tinker.

     Having survived Stage 4 Cancer at the of age 10, Chalet has taken on yet another role that is near to her heart.  She is a "Beads of Courage Ambassador" as well as a "WISH Ambassador" for the Make a Wish Foundation.  And, as if that weren't enough, Chalet also has her very own Leukemia Foundation.

Larry Dixon

     Seeking Seven has won their fans over by mastering several genres of music while holding true to their roots in rock and roll.  With 10 years of touring and recording experience under their belts, S7 has remained without controversy while a massing fan bases at every venue where they've performed.

     2019 brings with it the release of their 4th self-mastered album.  Powered by lead vocalist/guitar - Robbie Ross,  vocals/guitar - Jerm Ferrar and  drums/percussion Jake

Scott "Insane" Lane

Brian Held

     Scott "Insane" Lane is a professional Wrestler, stuntman and actor best known for his roles in "The Walking Dead", "The Watchmen", "The Indy Wrestler", "Need for Speed", "Spiderman", "Murder Comes to Town" and "Doctor Sleep".

     Scott makes frequent appearances at horror, sci-fi and comic conventions, grand openings and charity events across the United States.  He is heavily involved in "POPS for Patients", "Fighting for Autism", "Waiting to Hear", "Julia Barbara Foundation" as well as hosting and attending various other fundraisers for charities to benefit others.

     BrianHeld is a Radio Talk Show Host, Voice Actor, Narrator and emcee.  His voice has been heard over the air in the New Orleans market for over 6 years on local station WRNO 99.5 FM.  His Podcast, "The Week in Geek", is heard globally as it is both live and rebroadcasted over a number of stations and hosting platforms.  He has performed several roles as a voice actor and has also narrated a number of books for audio formatting.

     Brian is also well known as an emcee at events in various venues across the Gulf South.  He has also had several acting roles in television movies, commercials and in both indy and mainline films.

     Larry Dixon is the NHRA Three Time Top Fuel World Champion.  Dixon began his career in racing in the 1980's and soon after became a member of Don Prudohmme's racing team.  In 1994, he earned his top fuel license with a 4.76 - second pass at the Gatornationals.

     During his Rookie season he earned the position of "Rookie of the Year", the first Rookie to have done so since 1972.  In 2003 Dixon set a national speed record of 332.75 m.p.h. which remained unbeaten for 15 events!  In 2004 he tied with "Big Daddy" Don Garlits with 35 career victories, by 2008 he had 44 victories in his career.  In 2010 Dixon won his third world championship race by winning a record 12 races in 12 finals!

Big Johnny Blender & the Fury Dragster

Mike Christopher

     Lyn Gibsonis a top selling horror novelist and radio personality in her home state of Louisiana.  She is the host of the "Twisted Southern Horror Queen" show which averages 16k viewers per week and has a ever-growing, global fan base.  Lyn is also an avid blogger and has earned a position within the top 75 horror blogs world wide.

     Lyn makes frequent appearances at horror, sci-fi and comic cons across the United States and is a fan favorite for panel lectures based on urban legends and haunted history.  She is well known in the paranormal community as and authority on the topic.

     Chalet Brannan is an amazing young actress who has had lead roles in several top selling films such as "Bppmtown", "The Sparrows", "Star Trek - Caption Pike", "Strange Nature", "Junkie", "Tinker", and "Impact Event".  Other current and up coming films in which Chalet has leading roles are "Peter Pan - Land of Forever", "Friday the 13th - Vengeance" and Bill Mosley's "Crepitus".  Along with her contributions to major films comes a long list of Television credits.  Among those are "Paradox City", "Wicked Enigma", "Chosen Kin - Origins", "Replica", "Dark Memories", "Leviathan" and "Stay".

Chalet Brannan

Lyn Gibson

Meet the Voodoo Roux Crew

     Mitch Hyman is the creator of "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf".  The "Bubba" revolution began as a comic book series and was released on film in 2014.  The film has acquired a global cult following of its own only to be surpassed by the original comic book series.  Mitch produced and starred in the film!

     Mitch is also an acclaimed author!  Having penned the first volume of the "Vinnie & Mook" series, "Hitmen in Paradise" in 2012, Hyman received raving reviews and continued the series with "Hook, Line and Sinker", "Hitmen for Horror" and "Family and Friends".  Hyman is currently working on another addition of the series as well as multiple independent film projects.

Seeking Seven

Kaylie Turner

Josh "TKO" Turner

     Josh "TKO" Turneris a professional Wrestler, stuntman and actor.  He has an extensive list of film credits but is best known for his roles in "The Walking Dead", "The Last Movie Star", "Dumb and Dumber Too", "Banshee", "The Indy Wrestler", "The Vampire Diaries" (TV Series), "Under the Dome" and "Twilight".

     Josh makes frequent appearances at horror, sci-fi and comic conventions, grand openings and charity events across the United States.  He is actively involved in "POPS for Patients", "Fighting for Autism", "Waiting to Hear" and "Julia Barbara Foundation" as well as hosting a multitude of other fundraisers for various charities to benefit others.

     Caging Elliott was created in October of 2017 by Joe Johnson and Kevin Martin but began taking shape with addition of front man, Mike Beasley.  After recording a rough cut of their song, "Betrayal", Caging Elliott hit the internet and the buzz started!  There were several line up changes concerning the lead guitar and drummer, then came Mick Hollywood.  One final change came when Rusty Jackson made the fifth member of the band.  Caging Elliott is now a solid group of talent that is quickly setting the pace for other bands within their genre.

     The band stays true to their creed:  "Every culture has their standards for society's acceptance.  We don't need acceptance as we are the monsters in the cage......We are Caging Elliott."

     Christopher Heskey is an up and coming actor/stuntman who has had roles in several major films such as "Logan", "Terminator - Genisys", "Out of the Fight", "Blackwater", "Carter and June", "Consequences", "Impact Earth", "Hopeless - A Star Wars Story", "Thunder", "Hell Heist", "Geostorm", "Jack Reacher - Never Go Back" and "Deepwater Horizon".

     Heskey has also had several roles in Television Series and films such as "Ravenswood", "Starcrossed", "Scream" and "A Deadly Affair".  He is currently filming in several projects with upcoming release dates.

     The Kilted Creature is a well known "fringe" artist throughout the comic con circuit.  Having first performed publicly at age 9, he has since mastered many instruments and is known to "rock out" at various venues across the United States. 

     Having haled from the murky depths of the Black Lagoon has not kept the Kilted Creature out of the spotlight!  This fascinating man-fish out of water is no typical musician.  Inspired by Led Zeppilin, among other popular rock gods, "KC" thrills audiences with personalized renditions of well known jams on his electric guitar and electric bagpipes.  The result is astounding!

     *Footnote of interest - Grady led a procession of mourners through the gates of Graceland to pay respects to the King, Elvis Presley, while playing his bagpipes. Who else could say that!

Christopher Heskey

    KILLJAY is a veteran hard rock band with an ever-growing fan base.  The band has made appearances at various venues across the United States and has released three albums featuring their original music.

     KILLJAY has shared the stage with bands such as "Seeking Seven", "Drowning Pool", "Saliva", "Staind" and "The Misfits".  Their 2018 tour wrapped up with a performance at "Rockapalooza" in Michigan.

The Kilted Creature

     Mike Christopher has had a cult following since his role as the Hare Krishna zombie in George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead".  He has also starred in "Indiscretions", "Bikini Monsters", Alien Vengeance", "Plan 9", "The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company", "A Few Brains More", "Die, Die Delta Pi", "Psychotic State" and is currently filming in "Night of the Living Dead - Genesis".

     Mike also freelances as a quality technician for Videotape mastering and finally digitizing film and shooting EFX back to 35mm while mastering electronic music composition.

     Big Johnny Blender is the driver/builder of the "Fury" dragster as well as the host of the "Whiskey, Cars & Cigars" podcast.

     Blender and "Fury" make frequent appearances at horror, sci-fi and comic cons as well as car shows and ADRL sanctioned racing events across the United States.

     "Fury" is an ADRL top fuel, front engine dragster that participates in racing events and exhibitions.

Caging Elliott

     Lyn Gibson was raised among the moss strewn oaks of the deep South where legend and lore are a part of everyday life. Intrigued by tales of creatures which exists just beyond our grasp, Lyn has developed a unique talent for weaving the most haunting facets of history into eerily twisted yet brilliantly sculpted fictional story lines. Lyn is noted as an emerging horror writer and has a background in broadcasting as a lively local radio personality in Louisiana.  She is presently the host of  “The Twisted Southern Horror Queen” formerly on Armed Radio Global, currently airing in nearly 100 countries on!

     In 2012, her first novel, “To be His Soulmate” volume I of “The Adrian Trilogy” was self published. In February of 2013 a publication contract was signed with DonnaInk Publications . “To be His Soulmate was re-released under the Publisher's label in December of 2013. Volume II, “Adrian's Fury” and Volume III “Adrian's Legacy” both followed publication in 2014.

     “The Adrian Trilogy” series is a southern Louisiana based vampire trilogy that was inspired by local legend and lore. The series has acquired an ever growing fan base that spans the globe, boasting a following of 70k+ social media and blog followers.

     Having been left “under represented” by her signed publishing house, in mid-2015  “Short & Gory” was self published.  The novella is a collection of original dark tales that were inspired by Steven King's “Creepshow.”

      In 2017 Gibson added another novel to her list of published works.  "The Wicked Truth” is a fictional novel that is based on hidden truth. Designed to reveal little known terrifying historical facts derived from ancient religious texts concerning the existence of dark creatures that roamed and ruled in early human history. “The Wicked Truth” sheds a never before seen light onto a hidden history that lies within the religions upon which we have so trustingly based our faith and foundations.

     Later in 2017, Gibson signed with Valenti Talent Agency.

     In April of 2018 Lyn was signed by Bat Shit Crazy Publishing.  All titles have been re-released.  

     In May 2018, Gibson was contracted by, Chaotic Cat Talent Agency which represents a broad scope of actors, celebrities, public figures and now, authors!


     October of 2018 Gibson released "The Legend of the Dark Man."   Gibson stated in a recent interview with "Real Pop Culture" that "Dark Man" was her most brutally macabre work to date!

    January 2019 brought about the release of "The Story Behind the Adrian's Fury Dragster".  The book is a bio of the "Fury" Dragster which is accompanied by a custom written short story.

    March of 2019 brought about a new venture, enter Voodoo Roux Entertainment.  After having been asked to represent some of the current Voodoo Roux clients who were frustrated by the lack of performance of their agents, Gibson agreed to begin her own talent/booking agency.  VooDoo Roux now represents, wrestlers, actors, authors, artists, musicians, radio personalities and racing celebrities!

     There are several projects in the works as well as a growing list of scheduled appearances at horror conventions, literary fairs and many other speaking and signing events.   Follow Gibson on social media for updates and announcements!