author lyn gibson horror, ghosts, demons, urban legend, vampires

author lyn gibson novels, haunted history, monsters
author lyn gibson horror, ghosts, demons, urban legend, lyn gibson, twisted southern horror queen, creepy chick, ggvampires

When author Lyn Seal Gibson enters a room, she draws attention without saying a word. Her striking cotton white hair and pale eyes assure those watching that she is someone of note. Once she is revealed as the author of the vampire horror series "The Adrian Trilogy", her domination of the room is complete.

                                                                                                          The Examiner  2014     


      My Story

     Lyn Gibson was raised among the moss strewn oaks of the deep South where legend and lore are a part of everyday life. Intrigued by tales of creatures which exists just beyond our grasp, Lyn has developed a unique talent for weaving the most haunting facets of history into eerily twisted yet brilliantly sculpted fictional story lines. Lyn is noted as an emerging horror writer and has a background in broadcasting as a lively local radio personality in Louisiana.  She is presently the host of  “The Twisted Southern Horror Queen” formerly on Armed Radio Global, currently airing in nearly 100 countries on!

     In 2012, her first novel, “To be His Soulmate” volume I of “The Adrian Trilogy” was self published. In February of 2013 a publication contract was signed with DonnaInk Publications . “To be His Soulmate was re-released under the Publisher's label in December of 2013. Volume II, “Adrian's Fury” and Volume III “Adrian's Legacy” both followed publication in 2014.

     “The Adrian Trilogy” series is a southern Louisiana based vampire trilogy that was inspired by local legend and lore. The series has acquired an ever growing fan base that spans the globe, boasting a following of 70k+ social media and blog followers.

     Having been left “under represented” by her signed publishing house, in mid-2015  “Short & Gory” was self published.  The novella is a collection of original dark tales that were inspired by Steven King's “Creepshow.”

      In 2017 Gibson added another novel to her list of published works.  "The Wicked Truth” is a fictional novel that is based on hidden truth. Designed to reveal little known terrifying historical facts derived from ancient religious texts concerning the existence of dark creatures that roamed and ruled in early human history. “The Wicked Truth” sheds a never before seen light onto a hidden history that lies within the religions upon which we have so trustingly based our faith and foundations.

     In April of 2018 Lyn was signed by Bat Shit Crazy Publishing.  All titles are currently being re-released.  

     In May 2018, Gibson was discovered, and contracted by, Chaotic Cat Talent Agency which represents a broad scope of actors, celebrities, public figures and now, authors!


     October of 2018 Gibson released "The Legend of the Dark Man."   Gibson stated in a recent interview with "Real Pop Culture" that "Dark Man" was her most brutally macabre work to date!

     There are several projects in the works as well as a growing list of scheduled appearances at horror conventions, literary fairs and many other speaking and signing events.   Follow Gibson on social media for updates and announcements!