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    Horror Author Lyn Gibson is re-releasing her blood lusty Vampire series, The "Adrian Trilogy!"

     "Soul Mate" Volume one of the trilogy is a haunting tale riddled with passion and vengeance.   Gibson brings back the vicious Vampire from days long past by infusing  a taste of Southern Louisiana lore into the ancient legends of the fierce race known as Vampire.

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"Do not fear the darkness, for you are never truly alone.  Save your fear, for in it you will find strength in your greatest time of need."                                                  

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     Within every small town there are whispers of a dark and unpleasant history lurking among the locals.  Things that have been deliberately cast from the memories of our elders in attempt to save a family name, or perhaps, hushed, lest some vengeful demon be loosed to prove the rumors true. 

     Here in Louisiana, it is much the same with the exception being, many of  those  rumors are based in horrific and blood wielding fact.  With roots stemming so deeply in the dark arts and superstition, it comes as no surprise to the outsiders that there are many secrets and legends that are guarded closely by the locals.  Once such legend is that of the Dark Man.

     Born in Sicilian folklore, the Dark Man made his way to American soil by way of migrant workers who were shipped in via the port of New Orleans.  In Sicilian culture, the Dark Man was a ravenous demon that was blamed for the disappearance of any man, woman or child that went missing.  Locals knew when half eaten corpses were discovered in the woods that the deceased had been taken and devoured by this beast. 

     Described as a towering black void wearing a brimmed hat and coat, the Dark Man terrified Sicilian culture for centuries.  Some say he originated from a vengeful curse cast by a Strega, others believe that descended upon the earth directly from Hell.  But, when the Stregheria (Sicilian witchcraft) met up with Creole Voodoo, a demon unlike any that had come before him, arose from the ashes.

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The Adrian Trilogy  Re-Vamped

New Release!

     Since the dawn of time mankind has been haunted by rumors and legends of a vicious immortal race known as Vampire.  Some considered them monsters, others saw them as Gods.  Regardless, evidence of their existence has enured for centuries, even until today.

     "Fury" is the eagerly awaited sequel to "Soul Mate" in which readers transform with Adrian as her human characteristics give way to a sinister existence.  Representing a new breed of Vampire born from the blood of Elders, Adrian possesses powers and abilities far more advanced than any of her kind.

     Christian and Adrian find themselves at the helm of a Vampire Revolution as clans divide and clash. 

     "Fury" draws readers into a level of bloodlust long since been forgotten in modern Vampire literature.

Ever wonder what brought this fire breathing beast to life?  I assure you, there's one hell of a story behind the birth, life and resurrection of the Adrian's Fury Dragster!

It takes a "special" kind of inspiration to build an iconic car like "Fury"!  This bad-assed 1800 HP front engine dragster is dressed to the "T's" in gothic attire. 

Read her BIO in the book, meet her in person at events all across the United States and as a special added bonus, check out the "killer" short story written by the "Twisted Southern Horror Queen" Author Lyn Gibson!

The book is available now on Amazon or anywhere the "Fury" Dragster is making an appearance!

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Wicked Truth” is so very different from any of my past works. Though still within the horror/fiction genre, there were countless hours of research invested in ancient religious texts and legends; I found that in many cases, they were one in the same.
     There is so much that has been hidden from us, the truth is sometimes more horrifying than fiction. The Bible, which we have established our religions and societies upon, has been corrupted by man since the first transcription.
     Within scrolls found too controversial or containing knowledge unbefitting slaves or common folk, lies a dark and terrifying history. These accounts are collaborated by other ancient religious texts, archeological excavation sites and the Bible itself. There were monsters among us and evil reigned freely, poisoning the minds and souls of mankind. It was here then, it is here now.
     Mankind has been under the influence of the Fallen for centuries and today we are just as oblivious to the power they have over us. Possession is becoming more and more common, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and the end of days is upon us. What if all of the signs that we have been taught to watch for are incorrect or more likely incomplete?
     “Wicked Truth” paints a vivid depiction of the ongoing battle between good and evil. Demons are among us, they possess and afflict us at their leisure, but there are worse things than demons. The horrors of Hell are real and will soon spill out upon the earth to consume us all. In the end, there will be those of us left here to fight against the Fallen.

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     Modern times are complicated for all.  But for Adrian, things were far more volatile.  Since birth, she'd been burdened with the gift of sight.  In addition to frequent horrid visions came a recurring dream which filled her with a familiar sense of dread.  Over time, she'd come to know the dream was but a fragmented memory from a former life, a life that she was destined to re-live.

   Legacy is the earth-rattling conclusion to the Adrian Trilogy series.  Each page shudders with the blood-lust and vengeance Lyn Gibson's fans have come to expect. 

   Adrian has acclimated to the ever intensifying powers evolving within her.   Woe be unto those who have all but extinguished her kind.  Hell can know no fury like that of an angry vampire born of the blood of elders.    

   Adrian has awakened into the ruins of a devastated society.  Both her kind and the human race hide within the shadows of the rubble.  But, the world will soon come to order and evil will bow to a resurrected and growing vampire army. 

   Adrian unites her race with an outcast human population.  Together, with her, fury comes calling on what once was...the free world.

Short & Gory is a compilation of twisted and macabre tales designed to sate the palate of gore lovers from all age groups!  All stories are original works haling from the haunting mind of  Author Lyn Gibson!

Written in the style of Steven King's "Creepshow" Gibson brings to life a barrage of menacing and blood thirsty creatures.  From deranged serial killers to mutant zombies, Short & Gory has it all!

Reader Reviews:

*This was a great collection of horror short stories! I couldn't put the book down! I kept wanting to know what happened next. The character, Ms Callum, is brought to life in this collection.  Great Read!

*Short & Gory delves into the macabre and delivers 5 unique stories that weave together classic horror with a touch of modern.  Each story switches from one horror genre into another ensuring a different flavor of gruesome with every tale.

*Short & Gory delves into the macabre with 5 unique short stories.  Each story switches from one horror genre to another with a different flavor of gruesome!  This book had me holding my breath in anticipation of what would come next!